Portfolio > The Abandoned Phone Booth Project

The Abandoned Phone Booth Project was funded by the Northampton Arts Council in 2020. The abandoned phone booth sits by the post office in the center of Florence, MA. It no longer works. No one owns it. Yet it cannot be moved. It is an artifact now. I have been placing artworks inside so that it can become a one-person, outdoor public museum.

In January of 2021, I installed the painting "A Terror for January and a Love for Tulips". On the painting, you see the words "The World is only still where and when we observe it. Otherwise, even the rocks are dancing! A love for Tulips. A time in need of new rituals and beliefs, while knowing they are made up and loving them for that! A Terror for January and a Bravery."

In the summer of 2021, Amber Scoon and Hannah Chase carried a painting, "Luke and the Blind Boxer" through town and installed it inside the phone booth.

This painting "Luke and the Blind Boxer" is an image that I have been making and re-making for over twenty years. The figure in the painting is blindfolded in a boxing ring. The ring becomes a storm. The storm rolls in as the sun goes down and everywhere there is chaos and disorientation. Behind the blind boxer, there is an animal. In this case, it it a Great Blue Heron, named Luke.

In summer of 2021, the collaborative team Snowdrift (Glenn Goldberg and Amber Scoon) installed Friends. Two creatures are bound together and sit behind a curtain. One helps the other to fly.